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Lemongrass Oil (Diffuser and Burning Oil)

Lemongrass Oil (Diffuser and Burning Oil)

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Lemon Grass oil content is a 10ml or 0.33 fl oz. 

Use 3 drops in a diffuser or an incense oil burner with water and enjoy the wonderful and peaceful aroma. Wonderful aroma to cleanse and fill spaces with a calming senstation. I highly recommend this oil to be used after burning a Palo Santo or Sage (also available at my store), since they make the hard work of "clearing" the spaces and then the use of the Lemon Grass is to fill the same space with fresh start vibrations.

Psychological effects:
- Calming 

- Fresh Start

- Promotes Mindfulness

- Banishes Negativity


Do not use on skin 
Do not ingest 
Avoid contact with eyes


Lemongrass is a tropical, grassy plant used in cooking and herbal medicine. Extracted from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant, lemongrass oil has a powerful, citrus scent. It’s often found in soaps and other personal care products.

Lemongrass oil can be extracted, and it’s been used by healthcare providers to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure. It has many other potential health benefits, too.

In fact, lemongrass essential oil is a popular tool in aromatherapy to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use lemongrass essential oil to improve your well-being.

High blood pressure is a common side effect of stress. Many studies have shown that aromatherapy eases stress and anxiety. Combining aromatherapy with massage may bring greater benefits.

A 2015 study evaluated the effects of lemongrass and sweet almond massage oil during massage.

Study participants who received a massage using the oil once a week for 3 weeks had lower diastolic blood pressure than those in the control group. Systolic blood pressure and pulse rate weren’t affected.

It may help relieve headaches and migraine. According to researchers in Australia, native Australian lemongrass may relieve pain caused by headaches and migraine. The researchers believe that a compound in lemongrass called eugenol has similar abilities to aspirin. Eugenol is thought to prevent blood platelets from clumping together. It also releases serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that regulates mood, sleep, appetite, and cognitive functions.


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